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15 July 2021 - Cresting? That's pretty much the only way to describe my current mood. Not better, not worse... just floating in calm seas. Overall not a bad thing. I have been getting more active in the role-play matrix. Wasn't there a game slogan out there... Be someone..... else

6 July 2021 - Burn-out? not exactly sure how to explain it but having some difficulty getting into social media lately, especially Facebook. At first I was blaming it on my MMO kick, but honstly I find myself even forcing myself to do that.

My pain levels have been elevated lately, perhaps thats it. In any case, I'm sure it will pass.

20 June 2021 - No specific triggers but I think for the time being my instagram account will be dormant. The community seems to be far too over-run with malicious actors, more so than others. Yea, there are a few good folks on the platform but I'm also in contact with them on other venues so I won't lose touch with anyone I actually care about.

13 June 2021 - Just touching base folks.... Not a whole lot of activity here at the moment. Summer is slowly crawling in with its humidity... AC is in stand-by mode, occationally sucking it out but soon I'm sure it will be running in continious mode and having a hard time keeping up.

Much of my time lately is being spent in the Landroval server of The Lord of the Rings Online.

On the geek front... casually shopping for keyboards. My Razor Black Widow has finally succomb.. two out of three "back-up" keyboards I had in storage became corroded internally and hit the scrap heap... found a semi- functional old Lenovo keyboard I aquired in a former life that's keeping me online for now.

None of the current offerings in the keyboard world are jumping out at me. For the sake of change I would like to get away from the Razer ecosystem just to try something different as Razer just doesn't seem as innovating as it once was even though I have no real complaints.

30 May 2021 - Either I spoke too soon, or I jynxed myself. The drive hosting my websites failed, fortunately I had backups in place and migrated everything to a MUCH newer drive that I have confidence in.

28 May 2021 - Back on the 12th I talked about a LOTRO photography page.. well sort of starting to put that idea (more or less) in motion. Just registred the domain FellowshipOf.One and it will (eventually) be devoted to all my LOTRO activities.

I also recently spoke of hardware upgrades, put that idea to bed by simply upgrading the server software. Turns out the version I was using was over 10-years old. I still however, may upgrade the hard drive simply as a precaution. It is also over 10-years old and I think a failure is soon not unlikely.

And one last thing, Twitter is acting up again for me. I do not have the ability to Follow Back at the moment. Really not sure what that's all about but it has happened in the past and resolved itself. I'm guessing something is weird on their side.

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6 July 2021 - Really not feeling the Facebook vibe lately. People seem to go out of their way to project a certain image that totally is not representative of them in day to day life.

One situation did come across as particularly bothersome to me. As you all know Facebook announces the birthdays of your friends and gives you a convenient mechanism to shoot a quick birthday greeting. I did this to someone several months ago, only to find out recently that the person died long before their birthday. Since we shared mutual contacts it seems to me someone could have pointed that out to me at the time.

30 May 2021 - Facebook is an interesting beast. Most people are a bit selective about who they friend and I'm really no different in that respect. That being said I do encourage opening friending but you're profile must actually appear legitimate to me before I accept your friend request.


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20 June 2021 - This venue is in sleep mode for the time-being. I will return eventually to see if the community improves.

15 May 2021 - Things are really getting old with Instagram. As my follow count increases (which is really cool as my goal was to bring it up to my Twitter level (approx. 15k) but now my Instagram INBOX is constantly flooding with porn-spam and phishing attempts. It has become quite time consuming weeding it all out. I could easily just disable the notification and totally ignore the INBOX. But its a matter of personal pride that I would like to be responsive and available to anyone wishing to contact me.

I've always been annoyed that the rockstars of social media have a tendancy to keep to themselves and ignore people who they seem to feel aren't in the same class as themselves. Now don't interpret this as being narcistic, but in some circles I'm well known enough where I have a bit of a celebrity status. But really guys... I'm nobody special.. I've just been doing this for so long that I just have had a lot of exposure.

21 April 2011 - Quickly becoming one of my LEAST favorite social sites, certainly the 'red light district' of the public web. I continue to share random images here but since it's so infested with scammers it's rare to find decent conversation here. If you do attempt to interact with me here and you're queries seem remotely intelligent I will however, most likely reply.

Lord of the Rings Online

Multiple Identies

30 June 2021 - Could be me, or could be post-Covid rebound.. dunno but sensing a bit of tension in Middle Earth lately. The chat areas are getting a little agressive and seeing a few players lacking sportsmanship.

I'm just going to chalk it up to being a bit older than the average players currently... I bed once school is back in session come September things will mellow out again.

Mind you, things aren't horrible, just noticing some behavioral patterns. For the most part, this is by far one of the best gaming communities I have ever been involved with!

8 June 2021 - Another bit of schedule downtime.. think we're going to be seeing much more of this as there's a lot of in-game updates happening. Managed to utilize the time by catching up on IRL chores... like cleaning the stove!

2 June 2021 - At the moment all of the LOTRO servers are down for scheduled maintenance. Usually they bring the servers down every Wednesday for hour but apparantly they're doing some extra work today and it will be an 8-hour stretch of down-time. I totally get that things like this need to be done but I should have made provisions as to what I should do during this time-frame.

9 May 2011 - Some would argue that an online game is not actually 'Social Media' - but I'm going to disagree... online gaming is actually just a more interactive form of social media than we are use to. One can develop various friendships and other relationships within the game. Some times these interactions end up leading to out-of-game interactions as well.

I've played this game years ago, but this time I thought I'd try something a bit different. I joined a 'Role Play Encouraged' world where people tend to adopt their in-game persona in all their interations but unlike true 'role playing' groups it's not frowned upon to drop OOC (Out of Character) now and then. This is a new thing for me, we will see how it goes. So far I'm having difficulties getting into the 'zone' but am making some progress by writing out all the background informatin of my characters.


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A vew of Bree taken from atop Dead Man Perch.

13 June 2021 - Changing things up a bit... put a new hero pic into my Twitter profile. Inspired by my recent discovery that #digitalphotography was a thing. I'm sure you'll be seeing more in this style from me.

13 June 2021 - My ability to Follow Back has been nerfed again. As I've mentioned that last time this happened I do not believe it has anything to do with my account spacifics but I will weed out my follow list and remove a few folks who are not following me back to tighten-up my follow-following ratio.

20 May 2021 - This is my primary base of operations. It's one of the first social media sites I joined (back in 2007) and the population is large enough where you can really curate the exact experience you want.

On Twitter I tend to ramble on about everything from current events to what I had for lunch. I'm very responsive and prefer 2-way public conversation... I really don't like broadcast accounts. For me it's all about 2-way communications in a public forum.

Though I keep my direct messages open, I rarely engage.. typically I will make a public reply (if approriate) to drive you in that direction.


25 April 2021 - Progress... this is the first time in over a year I properly got dressed. Until today, it's been nothing but sweats and jammies.

18 April 2021 - Sammy always by my side.

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