And months pass….

Quite a bit has transpired since my last update, those of you who follow me on Facebook are up to date but the energy level to manage my other social media outlets just hasn’t been there.

Long story short, I just acquired a TENS unit…. an electronic devices that transdermally stimulates nerves in order to alleviate pain.  It’s only been a day but so far this is promising.

Also, I lost my health insurance again.  Apparently I was set-up for electronic-only communications and have never been able to properly log into my secure account with the state.  My account was flagged because my past income was so high that they suspected fraud in my application.  Next week I have a hearing to validate my current income and suspect all will be well after that.

I did manage one appointment with a new doctor who was just amazing!  His words….  “If you can deal with the pain for 2-more months we’ll put an end to this” – can’t wait to resume working with him.

A Rant from the Road

So, what will happen to me should I not be able to go to work?  Just one more of the little things that gnaw at me on a daily basis.  For months people keep telling me to not worry, things will be fine.  And for the most part they have been, but I have to be a realist and realize that this may not always be the case.  How do I prepare?

Another Wasted Saturday


Sleep eluded me last night.  My peripheral neuropathy was really acting up and every time I assumed a horizontal position my feet went from cold to frost-bite pain.

Of course this lead me to the point of fatigue where eventually I simply passed out but never fully rested.  Long story short I spent most of the day in bed.

Now that it’s Saturday night I I should be going to sleep but I’m pretty much wired.  Going to go with the flow and chug down a Mean Bean.  Yea, I know I’ll pay for this. :/