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12 May 2021 - Just a stupid idea that I thought I would drop here as a reminder to myself should one day I actually have the ambition to act upon it. Was thinking of a photography page but strictly centering around screenshots taken while playing LOTRO.

5 May 2021 - I'm back on TWITTER - Sort of. I can now login and get through the two factor authentication. Now I have a restriction imposed where I can't follow anyone new! I always knew there were anti-spam rules that come into play for new accounts enforcing a certain follow/follower ratio.. but I'm floating around the 50% range so that shouldn't be a factor.

I really wish there was a realistic way to truely self-host... or should I say.. self host with a realistic audience expection. I guess for the time being I'll dabble with my websites but TBH I'm not really seeing a ton of traffic happening. LOL - Tempted to put up a 90's style 'hit counter' on my page, just to see how little it moves!

2 May 2021 - Still no resolution to my Twitter login issue. Instagram seems to be working now but honestly I haven't touched it. I'm actually enjoying the break from it and the bottom dwellers that typically hang out on that platform. Once again I uninstalled WhatsApp. The community is just not for me.

Speaking of community, I've logging back into The Lord of the Rings Online game. Not really sure what inspired that but for the time being I'm enjoying it again. No guarantees that it will be a long-term visit yet, just taking it day by day.

In the 'real world' by back has decided to totally kick my ass. Really doing a number on my mental health. Pain is a powerful force.

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15 May 2021 NEW - Things are really getting old with Instagram. As my follow count increases (which is really cool as my goal was to bring it up to my Twitter level (approx. 15k) but now my Instagram INBOX is constantly flooding with porn-spam and phishing attempts. It has become quite time consuming weeding it all out. I could easily just disable the notification and totally ignore the INBOX. But its a matter of personal pride that I would like to be responsive and available to anyone wishing to contact me.

I've always been annoyed that the rockstars of social media have a tendancy to keep to themselves and ignore people who they seem to feel aren't in the same class as themselves. Now don't interpret this as being narcistic, but in some circles I'm well known enough where I have a bit of a celebrity status. But really guys... I'm nobody special.. I've just been doing this for so long that I just have had a lot of exposure.

21 April 2011 - Quickly becoming one of my LEAST favorite social sites, certainly the 'red light district' of the public web. I continue to share random images here but since it's so infested with scammers it's rare to find decent conversation here. If you do attempt to interact with me here and you're queries seem remotely intelligent I will however, most likely reply.

Lord of the Rings Online

Multiple Identies

9 May 2011 - Some would argue that an online game is not actually 'Social Media' - but I'm going to disagree... online gaming is actually just a more interactive form of social media than we are use to. One can develop various friendships and other relationships within the game. Some times these interactions end up leading to out-of-game interactions as well.

I've played this game years ago, but this time I thought I'd try something a bit different. I joined a 'Role Play Encouraged' world where people tend to adopt their in-game persona in all their interations but unlike true 'role playing' groups it's not frowned upon to drop OOC (Out of Character) now and then. This is a new thing for me, we will see how it goes. So far I'm having difficulties getting into the 'zone' but am making some progress by writing out all the background informatin of my characters.


25 April 2021 - Progress... this is the first time in over a year I properly got dressed. Until today, it's been nothing but sweats and jammies.

18 April 2021 - Sammy always by my side.

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