The {pity} party is OVER!


After a long struggle of personal challenges and spiraling depression I've finally been able to dig my heels in and take control.  Look for a total revamping of all my personal sites across the interwebs with a fresh new look and direction!



I've been on Twitter since October 2007!  Back when you were limited to 140 characters and when the user base was small enough to be able to follow everyone in real time!


There was a period of time when I strayed away from Twitter, mostly during the big social media boom era of FriendFeed, Utterly, MySpace and numerous other "wanna be's". But recently, perhaps out of nostalgia I came back and am actively Tweeting.


My Tweet style is mostly that of conversation.  Rarely do I post announce-only type links.. usually it's commentary related to current events that revolve closely around my life. Follow me @PfMonaco