Another Wasted Saturday


Sleep eluded me last night.  My peripheral neuropathy was really acting up and every time I assumed a horizontal position my feet went from cold to frost-bite pain.

Of course this lead me to the point of fatigue where eventually I simply passed out but never fully rested.  Long story short I spent most of the day in bed.

Now that it’s Saturday night I I should be going to sleep but I’m pretty much wired.  Going to go with the flow and chug down a Mean Bean.  Yea, I know I’ll pay for this. :/

Storm Niko


I had every intention of posting some pictures from yesterday’s storm but the bitter cold temperatures combined with being depressed over not being able to physically clear the snow myself just totally demotivated me.

Today I’m battling with a little more depression with the realization that I lost a days pay since the storm closed down the shop yesterday.  Somehow I need to turn this around and ignite a spark that will get my finances back on track.  I really don’t know how much longer I can keep the household running on this greatly reduced budget.